What is IZAKAYA?

「居酒屋」- Izakaya

Izakaya is written with three characters: 居 (Stay) 酒 (Sake) and 屋 (Store). The simple definition is a traditional Japanese bar and restaurant. Izakayas are often open late into the night (like many other bars) and offer a wider variety of food than a typical bar.

There's much more to an Izakaya than that, though! You can read more about Izakaya here, but we invite you to come by and experience it yourself!

Deep fried fish

分け合おう! - Let's Share!

Food at an Izakaya is served in a slightly different style than a typical restaurant. You might notice that our menu isn't separated into categories like "Appetizer" and "Entree"; each dish is meant to be shared within a group, and food is served as it is finished in the kitchen. Your group can order as you go and match the mood of the evening. The sharing promotes the friendly exchange between people that an Izakaya is all about!

The large menu encourages that sharing, and we invite your group to try out all corners of the menu! The 「おつまみ」- Otsumami - section has small plates that are served quickly from the kitchen and is a great place to start. Share a Crispy Bok Choy and some Gyoza over drinks with your group while deciding on a larger plate!

楽しもう! - Let's Enjoy!

An Izakaya is more than just food and drinks. It is a place for anyone to feel welcomed, relax, and enjoy the evening.

From a quiet night at the counter to unwind after a day of work to a big celebration with friends and family, the uniquely fluid atmosphere of an Izakaya can be the perfect backdrop for any occasion.